Naked Cinema

Welcome to Naked Cinema! Hang all your clothes on the line and step forward. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. The content is what inspires us first of all. According to that, the form is being born.

The diverse creative team of Naked Cinema is committed to making films of premium class. Whether it is a full-length film or a TV commercial, every piece of work for us, is a piece of art, and so it will be treated – with respect and with a heart. So later we could sign the outcome with a beaming smile.

The continuous trust from our clients and several aknowledgements from different film and advertising festivals have let us know the naked and beautiful truth – we are doing right thing. Simple as that!



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Equipment Rental

Device Day Week
Canon XH-A1s Camera set € 50 € 200
Canon 60D body, Canon EF 24-105 1:4 L, Genus Shoulder Rig G-CSMK, LCDVF set
€ 80 € 320
GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, suction cup, bar mounts, tripod mount, 5 spare batteries, 2x 32GB memory cars, wifi remote € 25 € 100
Tripod Manfrotto 501HDV € 12 € 48
Edirol R-44 digital recorder € 25.60 € 102.39
Sennheiser SK/EK500 radio mics € 19.20 € 76.79
Sennheiser MKH 416P48 mic € 16.00 € 64.00
Rode NT3 mic € 6.40 € 25.60
Boom QX580 ja Rycote wind protector € 6.40 € 25.60
Cobra MT975 walkie talkies 6 pcs set € 20 € 80
Final Cut Pro editing suite with offline editor € 30.00 tund to be agreed

VAT of  20% is added to all prices


Naked Cinema offers following services:

  • commercials, corporate videos, music videos, documentaries, feature films
  • cinematography, directing, production management, location management, casting, sound recording
  • offline editing, sound design, VO recording, music for commercials

Connect us! We are always naked open.


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